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Corporate Office:
NXO Americas, Inc.
Jefferson Trade Center
3600 Chamberlain Lane, Ste. 618
Louisville, KY 40241

Phone:  502-741-6234
Fax  888-839-4418

NXO Americas
A Network Dynamics Incorporated /
Global Convergence Incorporated company


Simplicity Out of Technical Complexity


NXO Americas brings telecom solutions that integrate with elegant simplicity. There are no boundaries to the way we can create simplicity out of your communications complexity.

Business is changing faster than ever, demanding new levels of efficiency, functionality, and often responsiveness to global markets.  Companies demand greater collaboration, knowledge sharing and timely information flow.  Meanwhile the need for elegant solutions grows.  Today's great needs? Great in-house controls, cost-effectiveness with less user complexity  NXO Americas delivers.             



No boundaries for Domestic or International

NXO Americas is backed by top industry partners.   NXO Americas in uniquely positioned to bring elegant solutions with greater functionality.    Experience a way of doing business that will better serve and integrate your organization.  Bring simplicity to the technology challenges you face with NXO Americas.